Artists Biography

Sudesna is a Baltimore-based illustrator capturing stories that are inspired by life. Areas like nostalgia, culture, children’s stories, food, and travel are her favorites to work in. She approaches art with a lighthearted perspective that allows her to channel her joy into work. She is captivated by the vibrant colors that surround her, and her art is a celebration of the warmth of little things that the world has to offer. Through her work, she celebrates her culture, the stories she grew up with along with her travel experiences. She graduated from the esteemed Maryland Institute College of Art with a 50% scholarship, an achievement she credits to her dedication and passion for her craft. Her talent has been recognized through digital exhibitions in prestigious cities such as Paris, Amsterdam, and Brussels, and she has been featured in multiple articles, although she maintains a modest demeanor. Currently, Sudesna is working on her first children’s book, eager to share her imaginative storytelling with young readers worldwide, humbly embracing each new opportunity to spread joy through her art.

For more examples of Sudesna’s work, visit her online portfolio on www.sudesnasamantaillustration.com.

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