Artists Biography

Inspired by everyday life in the upper Midwest, Scott Spinks creates images that pull the reader in to the story. Charismatic kids jump from each illustration as they live wild and exciting adventures. A group of suburban dogs, dreaming of something bigger than a fenced in back yard, will remind you of the crazy-canine next door. And a monster, whose biggest fear is the dark, relies on a nine-year old girl to keep him safe. For Scott, no illustration is complete until it tells a story.

Scott’s love of animated films, children’s picture books and comic books inspires him to craft a fun and entertaining story with every image he creates. Scott holds multiple college degrees, including a BA from Concordia University of Saint Paul. When he’s not drawing, he’s walking his dog, relaxing on his boat or swinging his favorite golf club.
For a complete client list and to view additional illustrations, visit Scott’s website: www.scottspinks.com.

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